Welcome to cloudtechiT

With over 30 years of experience in technology solutions and assisting small to large companies achieve solutions that were tailored and designed around all customer needs very successfully. Having a great understanding for technology solutions, cloudtechiT had a burning desire to be able to offer tailored solutions at reasonable prices without forgoing quality of service.

cloudtechiT had many collaborations with trusted professionals and the feedback was very strong, from this point cloudtechiT started a journey to achieve their business strategies.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel when globally branded telephony already have many customer success stories, big R&D budgets, highly qualified staff, strong dealership networks around the world and support channels for any issues that may arise. As a business owner, any technology solution decision can not be taken lightly.

From day one of operations, cloudtechiT was always going to partner with recognised global brands so our valued customers would always receive the correct support and service that is required in providing complex technology solutions.

Mission statement

“Our mission is to help all business with cost effective technology solutions, providing globally recognised products whilst offering superior services through technology innovation and together we can achieve amazing standards of excellence.”

WHAT WE offer Our Core Values

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We are a professional technology solutions company that shares the latest information, insight and advice that is available to our customers. Our reputation and brand is held in the highest importance when offering solutions, support and service.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are the lifeblood of our business and without them we would not exist. At cloudtechit we strive to always exceed all expectations the customer has when implementing their new technology solution

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We are very understanding that all business owners are looking for value for money. Customers are always looking at their monthly expenses to be able to make smart decisions and sustainable choices when looking to partner with a technology company.

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The Strength of a Unified Team

Our team is a very talented and close bunch of people that help each other wherever possible to provide our customer with the ultimate experience. Its when we share our skills and knowledge that magic happens and this is pasted onto our customer.